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2020 Bled Strategic Forum

The 5th Circular Change Conference in partnership with Bled Strategic Forum: Mainstreaming the Circular Economy Mindset

The 5th Circular Change Conference – in partnership with Bled Strategic Forum and the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning of Slovenia – is focusing on key European and Slovenian achievements of the systemic circular transition as well as on challenges caused by COVID-crisis, calling for the radical shift in the mindset.

The Circular Change Conference is one of the key European meeting points of circular economy changemakers. This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, its 5th edition has been transformed into a “virtual roadshow” that consists of 5 events and 5 partnerships.

The collaboration with Bled Strategic Forum is the result of joined ambition to engage the whole spectrum of different stakeholders and stress the importance of systemic, transdisciplinary, and inclusive approach in the process of rethinking the economy and society of the future. We are putting security (in terms of healthcare) and economic recovery (in terms of green recovery) forward.

Shifting the mindset and embracing the change

Through the entire Circular Change Conference, we are exploring the mindset – how to rethink our values and redefine our patterns, definitions, metrics, habits, decision-making processes… Addressing SDG’S, European Green Deal, Circular Economy Action Plan as well as the Green Recovery interventions. We are bridging top-down and bottom-up approaches, introducing circular measures taken by governments as well as circular initiatives launched by citizens.

Slovenia has adopted the EIT Climate-KIC Circular, Regenerative Economies Deep Demonstration program with the ambition to showcase an increase in visibility as a circular economy leader with progressive and innovative community events designed to bring stakeholders together, ensure the dissemination of results and put the country on the international circular economy map. Great content also for the upcoming Slovenian EU Presidency in 2021.

So, plenty of reasons to join us!

Stay tuned:

by Ladeja Godina Košir, Founder & Director, Circular Change; Chair of the Coordination Group, European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform

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